Cold Therapy

Tell us about your first ice bath! How did you get started with cold therapy? 

David Maud Jr’s passion for health, longevity and biohacking has led him down a path of experimentation and self-discovery that he documents on his YouTube Channel. He uses his platform to test and review products and share his routines.

Tell us about your first ice bath! How did you get started with cold therapy? 

So, this is a fun story… I never played sports growing up that called for ice baths. I was a surfer, wakeskater and skater. I also loved snowboarding. It was the end of 2020, I was on a spontaneous trip to Colorado with some friends and behind the VRBO was a frozen creek. We had been in the backcountry all day and we were exhausted, hanging out in a hot tub. One of the guys dared us all to go jump in the creek — and I love a good dare — so we went! I will never forget that feeling. The water was so cold that it felt hot and it took my breath away. I was in for about 15 seconds and ran out and jumped immediately back into the hot tub. We were all exhausted and ready for bed before we jumped into the frozen creek, and after we were ready to tackle another mountain! I was hooked after that.

What’s your cold therapy routine? 

I cold plunge for 3 minutes in the morning every day, usually before a workout. I also cold plunge between 2 to 4 minutes almost every time I get done with a workout. Usually I cold plunge again about an hour before bed, but I also like to do a few contrast therapy sessions at night. I get around 10 minutes of cold, 6 to 7 days a week.

What are you thinking about while you’re in your ice bath?

I almost always watch an educational YouTube video in my ice baths. I try to find them around 4 or 5 minutes long so I know when my session should be done. When I am not consuming educational content, I am making content in the ice bath. Come to think of it, I almost never do a quiet ice bath (I also have 4 kids and a dog who love to chat during ice baths).

What’s something that helps you stay motivated?

Knowing that God isn’t done with me yet. There is so much more to my story and I am excited and blessed to see it through. That, and my family. I have been married to my best friend since 2010 and legit love every moment and conversation with her. She keeps me motivated to be the best father I can be to our four kids, and that includes being healthy in mind, body and spirit.

Something that keeps you grounded?

I try to put others first in everything that I do. I know that might sound cliche, but it’s a discipline I try to keep at the forefront. When I make content, I try to answer someone’s question. When I speak on podcasts, I try to give practical and actionable advice that I have actually tried and experienced results from. I don’t mind putting myself out there if it means I can help someone else through whatever it is they need help with.

Part of your routine that you’ll never skip

Collagen, creatine and cold plunging every day. Even when I travel I have to always find a way to include quality creatine, collagen and a cold plunge (or cold shower) every single day, no matter what.

A goal you’re working toward

Right now I am really trying to make the absolute BEST content around cold plunging, sauna therapy and biohacking. I want to be a free resource for anyone who wants to learn about effective biohacking tips and tools that can help. That and hitting 100k+ subs on YouTube wouldn’t suck 🙂

Favorite products for self-care and/or recovery

I am a massive fan of OrganiFi for my greens and collagen (as well as their new Shilajit gummies), and speaking of gummies I am addicted to Create Creatine Gummies! Those are my daily supplements of choice right now. As far as recovery, I love my Ice Barrels (I have a 400 and 300 constantly set up), sauna and red light therapy devices. Me and my whole family get daily use out of these and they’ve been game-changers for us all.

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