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How do you make ice blocks? 

When it comes to getting your ice bath cold and keeping it at the ideal temperature, ice blocks can be a great option. 

Making ice blocks at home is a simple and cost-effective way to keep your ice bath cold, but there can be a little bit of a learning curve to using extra large ice in your ice bath. 

In this article, we’re answering the most common questions about using ice blocks for cold therapy. 

How do you make ice blocks? 

An extra-large mold is ideal for making ice blocks. Ice Block molds made by Ice Barrel are 5 inches tall, 6.75 inches wide and 11.5 inches long. 

Simply fill the mold with water (leaving some space at the top) and freeze in your home freezer until solid. This will make an ice block that’s approximately 7 lbs. 

How long will ice blocks take to freeze? 

In our experience, ice blocks will completely freeze in about 12 hours. Depending onyour freezer and how many ice blocks you’re making at once, you might find that you can freeze them in a shorter or longer amount of time. 

How many ice blocks should I use at once? 

As an experiment at the Ice Barrel warehouse, we filled an Ice Barrel 300 with 35 ice blocks and water, and could still comfortably fit a person inside.

Now, 35 is probably an extreme amount (“Wow. That’s really cold,” Ice Barrel CEO Wyatt Ewing said when he tried it out.). Around 5 ice blocks is a good starting point. You might find that you want to add more or less depending on your climate and desired water temperature. 

For convenience, Ice Blocks are sold individually, as well as in packs of 3, 5, or 10.

How long will it take for my ice bath to get cold? 

An important thing to remember about ice blocks is that using extra large ice will melt more slowly than smaller cubed ice. While this means it will last longer in your ice bath, it also means that it will take longer to cool the water temperature. 

Many users find that adding ice blocks in the evening allows them to have cold water in their ice bath first thing in the morning. 

If you want to take an ice bath right away and need to cool your water quickly, cubed ice may be a better option.

Will this completely replace cubed ice? 

For many people, yes, but this will depend on several factors, including your climate, routine and preferences for your ice bath. 

If you plan your ice baths ahead of time, ice blocks will be a convenient way to cool your ice bath and keep it cool over time. 

However, if you’re more spur-of-the-moment when it comes to your plunges, ice cubes might be a great supplement for times when you want to quickly lower the temperature of your water. 

What’s the best way to store ice blocks?

 Ice blocks can be stored in the freezer, either in or out of the mold. 

Ice Blocks have steel reinforcements that give them plenty of strength of stacking. To stack them in your fridge, you’ll want to alternate layering your ice blocks facing front to back and side to side (think like Lincoln Logs). 

If you want to stock up on ice blocks, simply pop the block out the mold and store in the freezer, then refill your Ice Block mold and freeze again. 

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