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Feel-Good Gift Guide | Ice Barrel

Welcome to the Ice Barrel Holiday Gift Guide, where we’ve carefully curated a selection of gifts to help you feel your best. At Ice Barrel, we’re dedicated to the pursuit of wellness, and our team has put together a thoughtful collection of gifts to bring joy, relaxation and rejuvenation to your loved ones.

These are personal recommendations from members of our staff who use and love these products. We believe that self-care is an essential part of overall well-being, and our selections reflect that philosophy.

By choosing a gift from the Ice Barrel Holiday Gift Guide, you’re not just giving a physical item; you’re giving the gift of well-being and a better quality of life. We’re thrilled to share these thoughtful selections with you and hope that they bring warmth and comfort to your holiday season, fostering a sense of wellness and tranquility for both you and your loved ones.

  1. Ice Barrel 300 — $1,199 — Fully insulated, compact and lightweight, the Ice Barrel 300 is ideal for almost any kind of cold therapy set-up, whether you’re plunging outside, in your gym, garage or balcony.
    – Overall staff pick
  1. Poncho Towel — $89 — These are so convenient, comfy and just fun to wear. They are great whether you throw it on after an ice bath, while hanging at the pool or take it to the lake. Guaranteed compliments every time I wear it around friends! 
    Laura, senior manager of content and SEO
  1. Hormone panel — $99 — This helped me have an inside look into how my hormones are affecting me. My favorite part was the 1:1 call I had with their board-certified clinician to help me better understand my hormone panel!
    – Ryley, senior manager of influencer and partnerships
  1. Trainers — $129 — The comfiest shoes I’ve ever had! 
    – Justin S.K., marketer 
  1. Yoga mat — $98 — My favorite mat for practicing yoga and meditation. It has the best grip, especially when I practice hot yoga.
    – Ryley, senior manager of influencer and partnerships (yes, we let her have two)
  1. Sunrise alarm clock — $130 — I use mine morning and night! I love the reading timer to unwind at night, and waking up to the natural sunrise light leaves me feeling refreshed in the morning.
    – Olivia, marketing manager
  1. Water jug — $65 — At first, I was taken back by how large it was, but the more I use it, the more I love the size. It is enough water to make it through all of my workouts or sauna sessions without having to refill over and over. It makes it easy to track my water consumption, and the rubber bottom base makes it convenient to set down and stay in place.
    – Justin K., content manager
  1. Red light face mask — $349 — I love a good skincare routine! It’s so relaxing to put on during the evenings! The benefits are endless: it boosts collagen, reduces redness, and combats blue light! Honestly, anytime I use this I feel like I’m making my skin happy and just relaxes me! 
    – Gabby, senior manager of social media
Some of the Ice Barrel team at the 2023 CrossFit Games. From top: Olivia (marketing manager), Gillian (customer experience manager), Dawn (director of performance and coaching), Levi (senior marketing manager), Isaac (business development manager), Nolan (breathwork coach) and Sarah (events manager).

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